WPRA partners with DAMA Wines to select Cowgirl Wines by DAMA as their official wine.

The Women's Professional Rodeo Association has chosen DAMA Wines, maker of Cowgirl Wines and also a woman-owned business, as the Official Wine of the WPRA.
DAMA Wines, one of Washington State's few women-owned wineries, embodies the spirit of pioneering women in the wine industry who have demonstrated passion, creativity and positive change for centuries – not unlike what the women of the WPRA have been doing since 1948.
"We are thrilled to partner with a company that embodies the spirit of pioneering women, much like the ladies who started our association nearly 70 years ago," said WPRA President Doreen Wintermute. "I am really looking forward to this partnership and I raise my glass in gratitude for believing in the ladies of the WPRA."
It was good fortune that the Cowgirl Wines by DAMA are also popular and affordable, making them accessible to a variety of tastes and pocketbooks. DAMA has been making award-winning wines since 2007. "We are so excited to be the Official Wine of the WPRA and a part of this great organization. We can’t wait for the WPRA ladies to begin enjoying our Cowgirl Wines," says Judith Shulman of DAMA.
Mary Derby is the winemaker and founder of DAMA. Her journey to the world of wine and food started back in 1989, when she worked with some of the best people in the restaurant and wine industries in San Francisco and Chicago. After moving to the Walla Walla Valley, then a burgeoning wine region gaining rapid respect for its world-class wines, she ultimately opened DAMA Wines.
In 2012, Mary joined forces with friend Judith Shulman. Judith, a lawyer and “landman” working with energy clients, had owned one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry nationwide. She brought invaluable business experience and an entrepreneurial background. In fact, in 2002, Judith was awarded “Puget Sound Woman Business Owner of the Year” in Seattle, WA. Together, Judith and Mary continue to present iconic Walla Walla wines and receive numerous accolades.
Because DAMA’s Cowgirl Blanc and a Cowgirl Cab grew out of a philosophy that mirrors what many cowgirls have experienced through their rodeo career, Cowgirl Wines by DAMA was deemed a perfect partner by the WPRA.