A Tuscany Dinner with Chef Aurelio

We are bringing Tuscany to you with Aurelio Barattini the fourth-generation chef and owner of Antica Locanda di Sesto his families restaurant started in 1368, located in Via Ludovica, Lucca, Italy. Aurelio's dishes highlight the flavors of Tuscany peasant traditions, telling the culinary history of the region. A blend of tradition and innovation, his dishes clear and precise flavors offer a new look at traditional Tuscan cuisine.

The menu is four courses paired with wines selected by wine-maker Mary Derby.
Antipasto: Carpaccio with Arugula, Fresh Olive Oil & Parmesan
Primo Piatta: Rigatini with Cinta Senese Ragu
Secondo Piatta: Peposa with Cannellini Beans

Price: $165 Purchase Tickets Here