Life—In a bottle

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

Founded by Dawn Kammer and Mary Tuuri Derby in 2007, DaMa has evolved from just a little dream to a powerhouse of women in Washington wine. In 2010, Dawn and Mary were joined by Judith Shulman, and in 2013, when Dawn moved on to move new mountains in California, Mary and Judith gave DaMa an evolutionary kick of its own and hired respected consulting winemaker Ali Mayfield to assist in taking to a new plane the alluring, yet approachable, wines DaMa has become known for.

“Collaboration is a win/win situation. I’ve never collaborated with people on something that’s not powerful. To me, that’s what DaMa is about,” says Mary.

As anyone who loves wine knows, making great wines does not come easy. Winemaking has been called an art, it’s also been compared to pregnancy, and just as with both of those, there are good times and there are bad times. It’s the twists, turns, and blindsides that sometimes smash us, sometimes delight us, but always, always keep us evolving. Courage, collaboration and community are what keep us growing.

Mary, Visionary

Mary Tuuri Derby is an artist, idealist and dreamer—a magician who feels she can always pull something positive out of nothing. 


Judith, Trailblazer

“Trailblazer” is an apt descriptor for Judith. Judith graduated from Yale School of Law and has been a partner in a major Seattle law firm — all while raising two children.

The DaMa Story

As any wine lover can attest, sometimes the most exceptional results come from an unorthodox combination.

The DaMa Experience

Going to the classy and fabulous DaMa tasting room is an experience—to say the least.